Who We Are

TomBuilders, Inc. is a real estate development, investment, and property management company based in Austin, TX. Our goal is to serve as a single resource for navigating the tangled web of variables associated with real estate development, construction, financing, operations, and management. We have been creating and implementing successful real estate programs for public, private, and non-profit clients throughout the United States for years. Our experienced team members and extensive track record allow us to identify, recommend and execute the most appropriate financing, development, and management solutions to meet your unique objectives. From early-phase planning to post-construction facility management, we offer a full continuum of customer services, managed with a proven, highly disciplined process.

What We Do


Accessing a variety of financing products through a broad network of lenders and underwriters in the United States and Canada to achieve the best cost of funding and value for the money.


Leveraging our extensive experience, best practices, systems, and technologies, to optimize safety, quality, cost, and schedule in preconstruction phasing and planning.


Consistently delivering completion of projects on time and on budget, managing complexity through proven management systems and tools.


Integrated, turnkey outfitting, and transition support, from equipment planning, purchasing, installation, and training to relocation, close-out and post-occupancy evaluation, and more.


Expert facilities and roadway management capabilities to minimize energy consumption, emissions, and operating costs and optimize the user experience.

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