TomBuilders offers seamlessly integrated services to plan, finance, build, operate and maintain the full life-cycle of a project. Each of our projects demands unique, client-focused solutions, built on the solid knowledge-base we’ve developed from our diverse portfolio. The result is a broad range of multi-faceted services – executed via a proven, highly disciplined process.



Public-Private Partnerships

Operations & Maintenance



TomBuilders Preconstruction System is a collaborative, robust, and resource-rich program that facilitates effective communication between project stakeholders to launch informed, timely decisions. This process ensures effective and efficient use of energy and effort that culminates in meeting project goals and client expectations.

Historical Benchmark Analysis

Real-time Estimatimation

Design & Construction

Sustainability & Life-Cycle Cost


Over the years, we have demonstrated our commitment to implementing the best construction practices and sustainable features through a proven track record of delivering high-quality design-build projects across multiple sectors. Employing a committed partnering philosophy between our design team and subcontractors on every design-build project, TomBuilders has consistently been successful in providing cost-effective and high-quality construction that delivers the best value for clients.

Safety Plan Development

Design & Constructability Review

QA/QC Review

Logistic & Phasing Development

Schedule Sequencing & Development

Contingency Development

Public-Private Partnerships

TomBuilders is a leader in the construction sectors where public-private partnerships are most prevalent, including roads and bridges, water treatment and supply, airports, correctional facilities, government office buildings, healthcare, and mass transit/rail. Our combined experience includes designing, building, financing, and leasing back public infrastructure projects in the United States.

Vertical Integration

Financial Strength

Unmatched Expertise

Financing Solutions

Operations & Maintenance

For many years, TomBuilders has performed operations and maintenance services for roadways during largescale reconstruction programs; facilities as required by the design, build, operate, maintain (DBOM) contracts. We have established and implemented comprehensive O&M systems, processes, and innovative ideas; using our understanding of managing life-cycle analysis and its critical role in meeting long-term project goals.

Incident Response

Natural Disaster Response Management

Bridge Management and Repairs

Asset Management / Maintenance

Capital Work for Life-cycle Rehabilitation


TomBuilders Logistics offers an extensive suite of services to our clients which range throughout the project schedule from programming to post-occupancy in order to deliver a fully operational building. We have the expertise and capabilities with our integrated package of workstreams to rapidly respond to project requirements, meet project schedule constraints, and efficiently execute these services for small and large complex facilities projects

Furniture Furnishings & Equipment (FF&E)

Installation, Testing & Training FF&E

Transition Planning & Execution Services

Post-Occupancy Evaluation

Warehouse Management

Lean Construction

TomBuilders has adopted the Lean philosophy in pursuit of continuous quality improvement, including the elimination of waste and any non-value-added elements throughout the design and construction process. Lean project delivery is a culture. It is a way of thinking that requires focusing on quality improvement through increased efficiency and productivity. 


Target Costing

Set-based Design

Schedule Materials



Walsh is highly experienced in utilizing green design and construction practices to assist our customers in creating environmentally conscious facilities. Our innovative solutions support sustainability through socially responsible, economically viable best practices. We have partnered on numerous projects built to achieve LEED certification. We are working on numerous projects to be registered with the U.S. Green Building Council.


With Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), TomBuilders is leading the industry away from traditional 2D construction drawings and replacing them with 3D virtual models. We have embraced BIM on nearly all of the complex projects. BIM increases efficiencies, reduces late changes during the course of construction, minimizes rework that results in additional cost or extensions to the construction schedule, and improves operational efficiencies throughout the life of the building.

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